What was once a field of grass, has now become a playful community for our furry little friends. Founded in 2004, The Ghent Dog Park Association came together to build a place with lots of barks, wagging tails, and furry kisses.

Toy Donation


We are thankful for all the toys that have been donated for our fur babies. However, not all toys are safe and we want to prevent any accidents from rising.

  • Rope
  • Baseball
  • Rubber balls
  • Toys should not have parts that can be torn off and swallowed
  • “If you give your dog a stick, be sure it doesn’t have sharp ends and that it is either too short or too long to be jabbed into the ground should the dog hold it by one end (as though he were drinking out of a straw). A running dog carrying a stick like this can ram the far end of the stick into the ground, impaling the end in his mouth up into his palate or throat.”


2 months ago Overall a pretty good dog park. There was plenty of room to run and play and best of all its FREE! They had a working water spigot with bowls and toys for the pups to play with. My puppy had fun socializing and getting some exercise for sure. Great small place to take your dogs if you’re in the downtown Norfolk area

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